Snapper Jigheads - SnappaSlappa Jigs Custom Jigheads 10pack

  • $10.29

Made BY fisherman FOR fisherman! 10 pack of my custom made SnappaSlappa Jig heads. Super strong Mustad HD short shank saltwater hooks. NOT those freshwater black nickel hooks used on most other jig heads that snap on big fish or rust out. Tested and PROVEN on our charter boats with REAL clients! 1/4oz 4/0, 3/8oz 4/0, 1/2oz 4/0, 3/4oz 5/0, 1oz 5/0, and 1.5oz 6/0 . Best bang for your buck jigs out there! Others can't can't even come close to value or quality. 

**SnappaSlappa Value packs 15 each of 1/4oz, 3/8oz, and 1/2oz in Pearl White, Pink Pearl, or Chartreuse or assorted colors. Or the XL pack with 3/4oz, 1oz, 1.5oz.

Customer Reviews

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joseph dasilva

Best jig I’ve used so far for northeast tog fishing!!! The hook & it’s barb are superior to all the local companies! It’s actually hard to dehook the fish! & I’ve noticed they always lay hook up not like boxer glove or banana jigs lay on their side sometimes!!! Hope this helps👍

richard conway

Your jig heads are head and shoulders above anything we have here. I say that because of the following: 1. You use short, sharp, extra strong hooks. Large blackfish have a way of straining out common jig hooks 2. Your banana head design puts the bait in better visual position making for more strikes. All around the best product of its kind on the market.

Rich Conway


Definitely pull up the snapper.

Mark Taylor Lynn
Hog slayer

Love these jigs! The best part is you can change out the hooks if you need one smaller, or larger.

Bryan Burkhart

Worked great for shallow water mangrove snapper fishing, the 1oz. Jig head had no problem holding up to a 40lb cobia. Highly recommend these jig heads!

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