Hogfish Bofa Deez Hogfish balls -Hogfish Jigs

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Made BY fisherman, FOR fisherman! 2 pack of custom made Bofa Deez Hogfish balls for Hogfish. Now with NEW super strong SaltX baitholder hooks(J hook models) to help hold baits on shank of hook. Not only do they work AWESOME for Hogfish, they also work great on Sheepshead, Snapper, Fluke, Rockfish, and Seabass. Used on REAL charter boats for REAL clients. Best bang for your buck jigs on the market! Advantage of having split ring connected hook for easy hook replacement if necessary.  

*Available in value packs!! Regular Value packs come with 20 Jigs, with 5 of each size(1oz-1.5oz) at a BIG discount!! It's ideal to have a few of each size when dealing with different currents and depths. 

*Available Large Value Packs with 10 of the 1 3/4oz and 10 of the 2oz Hogfish Jigs with a BIG discount! 

Just scroll under size and choose the value pack option

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Guy Gibson
Great jigs and weighted hooks

I got tired of bending cheap hooks on the jigs from the tackle store. I'm not using my fingers to dehook a 5 lb mango. The dehookers I use would bend the crap out of the store bought jig heads. Since I switched to SnappaSlappa jig heads and weighted hooks, bending is no longer an issue.
The hog balls work great also. I've finally figured out how to catch hogfish!

Heck yea! That's what's it's all about! They aren't unbendable, but sure aren't easy to bend. Keep catching em up!!

Glenn hnilica
Excellent rig

Bought a few in 1oz - 2oz for fishing the patch reefs in the keys, worked like a charm! Caught mutton yellowtail and mangrove snapper, plus grunt, porgy and red grouper. I'll be buying another batch that's for sure!!

Glad you loved em!! Thanks for the review! Tight lines!

Awesome jigs

Awesome jigs! Used these last year fishing with a buddy and like em so much I had to buy me some. Caught hogfish, grouper, mangrove snapper, and even an offshore redfish on them. Won't go offshore with out them now!

Glad you love them! Keep up the great catches!

Jeffrey Houhoulis
Awesome Products

Excellent customer service, Snapper and Grouper can’t keep their lips off these!!

Adam White
1 ounce Hog Balls

Shipping was very fast and more importantly they have been working great for sheepshead.

Thanks for your business! tear em up!

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